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Mel Gibson's Near-Death Experience

Mel Gibson recounts a near-death experience in his youth. While attempting to pass a slow truck on a winding road, he was nearly hit by oncoming traffic:

I looked up, and there was a truck coming in the other direction. The last thing I remember before I simply just covered up in a crouch position, let go of the steering wheel, and put it in the hands of the Almighty was a massive gum tree coming right at me just before it went down over the cliff. And I felt this bang, boom, bang, like this. I took my hands off, and the car was OK. The big gum tree was pressed against one side of the car door, and it had dented it in. And on the other side of the car was a sapling. I had been caught between the two trees, and the front wheels were hanging over the abyss.
Somebody had his hand on me that day. And I figure it's things like that that kind of inform you of something greater than yourself perhaps watching over you.

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