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Vince Gill Learns a Lesson

Country singer Vince Gill tells about meeting a young cancer patient named Tara:

I remember meeting her in the hospital after playing golf all day, and I had a big, pink, sunburned nose. Tara had no hair, but she had the prettiest smile you ever saw in your life. She said, "Have you been out in the sun all day?" I told her yes, I'd been playing golf. "Did you wear sunscreen?" she asked. Well, no.
The look on her face took me to my knees. It was like, "I'm here struggling for my life, and you're not smart enough to wear sunscreen?"
Then she asked, "Well, do you read your Bible every day?"
My "no" got the same withering look. Suffice it to say that since that day, I've been wearing sunscreen and reading the Bible just a bit more.

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