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From the Kremlin: Ignoring God

The Kremlin, the old, walled fortress that was the political center of the atheistic Communist regime in the Soviet Union, is filled with spiritual symbols. The showpiece of the Kremlin is— unbelievably —Cathedral Square, which is composed entirely of ancient churches and cathedrals. Each Russian Orthodox Church has two murals over the exit door on its western wall. The mural on the left depicts paradise; the one on the right depicts hell. Between them, above the door, the Lord is shown on the Great White Throne.

Stalin, Lenin, and other atheistic Communist leaders must have passed this square a thousand times. They were no strangers to its visual images, but apparently were blind to the images' spiritual significance.

We don't need to travel to the Soviet Union to find people who have ignored symbols pointing to God. Virtually every town in America has a church steeple topped by a cross. How many people who see the cross each day stop to consider what it really means?

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