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"Princess Diaries": Reluctant Royalty

The Princess Diaries tells the story of Amelia Thermopolis, a shy, awkward teen whose only goal in life is to be invisible. She tries to get through each day with as little embarrassment as possible. Her world is turned upside down when estranged grandmother (Julie Andrews) comes to America to give Amelia the biggest news of her life.

Amelia visits her grandmother at her opulent mansion in San Francisco. A butler leads Amelia to the grand living room, where she stands amazed as several servants bustle about. Suddenly, all the servants stand at attention as Amelia's grandmother enters the room. The contrast between Amelia and her refined grandmother is painfully apparent. After some small talk, Amelia, feeling uncomfortable, finally asks her grandmother, "What is it you want to tell me?"

Her grandmother answers, "Something, I believe, that will have a very big impact on your life." They walk outside to talk, and her grandmother begins to explain. "Amelia, have you ever heard of Eduard Cristof Philip Gerard Renaldi?"

"No," Amelia responds. Her grandmother tells Amelia he was the crown prince of Genovia.

Amelia is as baffled as she is indifferent and shrugs her shoulders. "What about him?" she asks.

Her grandmother says, "Eduard Cristof Philip Gerard Renaldi was also your father."

Thinking her grandmother is only joking, she laughs, rolls her eyes in disbelief, and says, "If he was a prince, that would make me a—"

"Exactly," says her grandmother, "a princess. You see, you are not just Amelia Thermopolis. You are Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, the princess of Genovia."

Amelia can hardly speak as this new revelation sinks in. "Me…a…a…a princess? Why on earth would you pick me to be your princess?

"Since your father died, you are the natural heir to the throne of Genovia. That's our law. I'm royal by marriage; you are royal by blood. You can rule."

Mia blurts out: "Rule?! Oh no, oh no, no, no, no. Now you have really got the wrong girl. I never lead anybody, not at Brownies, not at Campfire Girls. Queen Clarisse, my expectation in life is to be invisible, and I am good at it. I don't want to be a princess!!

The Bible says we are heirs of the God of the universe. The implications of that are far more surprising.

Elapsed time: 00:12:55 to 00:15:48 (DVD scene 4).

Content: Rated G

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