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Making Light of Poison

Fallon, Nevada, is the arsenic capital of America. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Environmental Protection Agency found that Fallon's water system delivers more arsenic to its customers than any other large town water system. Folks there even joke about it: "Arsenic? It only bothers you if you're not used to it."

Tim Miller, who has lived in Fallon all his life, jests, "Arsenic is no biggie. I'll die of something. It's called life. Once you're born, you start dying."

The arsenic levels remain high, not because people like drinking arsenic, but because they don't want to pay for the solution—a $10 million treatment plant. Said one official, "This is Nevada. They don't want to feel government is intruding in their lives."

Talking about sin often gets about the same response. It's not that we wouldn't like to get rid of it, but we don't like anyone—even God—telling us what we have to do. "Sin is no biggie," folks seem to say. "I'll die of something. It's called life."

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