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Ready to Hear the Gospel

New York Fire Department paramedic instructor Dave Gill has worked at New York's Ground Zero in the days following the September 11th terrorist attack. Gill describes how this incredible tragedy has created a wellspring of opportunities to share the gospel where previously none existed:

There's a tremendous opportunity to witness. People are crying for the gospel—this is a great opportunity for people to go out and share their faith. People want to know, "Where is God in midst of all this evil?" and I have the opportunity to talk about the fact that God is a good God, and that amidst all of this evil, there is evidence that God exists.
A lot of people are very fearful. The City of New York is primed right now for the gospel—our politicians are telling people the way to handle it is to pray and go to church, and our chaplains have free access to go around and minister to people who are working here [at Ground Zero] and outside of here.
I had an opportunity to pray with all my coworkers on my shift. I told everyone that if they didn't want to pray, they didn't have to—not one person said "no."

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