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Wrong Way Regals: Instinct without Direction

Roy Regals was a center for the University of California in 1929 when they went up against Georgia Tech at the Rose Bowl. The game was scoreless when he picked up a fumble from the other team, and headed for the end zone—the wrong end zone. A teammate chased him and tackled him with one yard to go, but on the next play, Regals's quarterback got sacked in the end zone for a two point safety. When the game was over, his team had lost by one point. Thus, Roy Regals has been known ever after as Wrong Way Regals.

Regals later said he had heard his teammate behind him yelling, "You're going the wrong way," but thought, What's wrong with him?

One author said of Regals: "He had instincts without direction."

We're all like that. Sometimes we have the right instincts, but we go in the wrong direction, and it's dangerous.

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