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Empty Promises

A "Bonehead of the Day" e-mail reported on a newfangled toy recently released for distribution:

A U.S. company has an action figure called Invisible Jim that is selling briskly in Britain for about $2.80 apiece. Why is it called ''Invisible Jim?'' Because all you get is the packaging. There is no Jim.
''Lack of darting eyes'' and ''realistic fake hair,'' ''as not seen on TV,'' and ''camouflage suit sold separately'' are some of the boasts made on the package. The company says they have received no complaints about the empty boxes.
A spokeswoman for the distributor says that when the first shipment arrived they thought there was some mistake at the factory that they sent the packaging without the product.

Good marketing, good packaging, empty box. Sounds a lot like temptation and sin.

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