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Forgiving Those Who Hurt Us

Writer William Nix shares this story in his book Character Works:

Mark Gagnon worked as a clerk in the North Hampton, Massachusetts, store owned by James Brazeau. Brazeau had promised to bring Gagnon a New England Patriots hat when he returned from the [football] game. Brazeau arrived as promised, hat in hand, only to discover Gagnon had stolen $4,382 worth of lottery tickets from the store.
Gagnon was prosecuted, and just before he was sentenced, his former boss, Brazeau, walked over to the defendant's table and presented Gagnon with a paper bag. He said, "I want this to be a learning experience for you." The Patriots hat was inside the bag. The judge, watching from the bench, made the hat part of Gagnon's sentence, ordering Gagnon to wear the hat every time he ventured out into public for the next two years.

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