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Agnostic Recoils from Worship

Wendy Kaminer, an avowed agnostic who has authored five books, including, Sleeping with Extra-Terrestrials: The Rise of Irrationalism and Perils of Piety, expresses her discomfort with religious beliefs:

Apart from the comfort I might find in religious belief, when I think about the question, "Does God exist?" I put it in the category of things I can't worry about. Questions I can't know the answer to. My feeling is that, even if God does exist, it is really not my job to worry about him. If God exists, he's going to exist whether or not I believe in him. He'll be fine without me.
Something that greatly bothers me about public religiosity is the mandate to worship. I don't have a lot of respect for the view of God as some authority figure who wants you to come and kneel before him every week. There's this sense that you are to go to your church or your synagogue or your mosque or wherever it is that you go and, in some way, abase yourself before the Lord. That seems to me to be such a demeaning way of seeing God—such an expression of human vanity! When human beings imagine God, they imagine a king. They imagine a flawed human being who needs to be worshiped.

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