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Parachutist Perishes

Jan Davis, 60, a professional veteran parachutist, was involved in a dangerous sport called BASE jumping—leaping off fixed objects like cliffs and towers. It was while BASE jumping that she fell to her death October 22, 1999.

Her husband, who was filming the jump, and several reporters were stunned when Jan, the 4th of 5 jumpers, fell for 20 seconds and crashed into the rocks. Her chute had not opened properly. She was jumping off the 3,200 foot granite cliff, El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park, California.

She and the other jumpers knew that BASE jumping is illegal in Yosemite Park. The law was adopted because there had already been six deaths in Yosemite along with numerous injuries due to BASE jumping.

The five jumpers were in fact protesting the park's jumping restrictions and, ironically, were jumping to prove that the sport is safe. These jumpers not only knew the risks, they also knew the law and deliberately broke it. Jan Davis paid with her life.

In a similar way, many people think they can deliberately violate God's law. But eventually people learn, sometimes the hard way, that God's laws are there for a reason: our well-being.

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