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"Daddy, I'm Pregnant"

"I'm pregnant."

After Cori, my 21-year-old, unwed daughter, said those words, I went through all kinds of emotions.

Yes, it would be embarrassing. I wrote the book Sanctified Sex. I had criss-crossed the country telling thousands of young adults like my daughter to "just say no."

Yes, it broke my heart. I stayed awake many nights listening to my wife's muffled sobs. I came home many days to referee a family feud.

Cori has always made it clear that she likes the wilder side of life. She has always learned her lessons the hard way.

My wife, Roberta, and I have always wanted our home to be a place where no-strings-attached love could grow.

Throughout the crisis, I have asked God, "How do I model sensitivity and strength when my family is falling apart?"

God replied with several questions: "Will you quit, Haman? Will you quit loving your daughter? Will you quit investing in her life? Will you quit forgiving her as you have been forgiven?"

My answer continues to be: "No, I won't quit, Lord. With your help, my family will make it."

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