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The Most Powerful Word

What is the most powerful word in the English language? Is it "honor" or "love" or "country"? Maybe it's "sacrifice."

Stu Weber, who has written the book called Tender Warrior, says, "How about the word 'dad'? Just walk through what you know about life. When it comes to power in a youngster's world, I'll put my money on the word 'dad.' As words go, hope, vision, and sacrifice don't mean a whole lot to little ones, but the power of the word 'dad' reaches far beyond a youngster's childhood.

"In fact, it spans generations. There are two ways to recognize power. One is to see it at work. The other is to measure what happens when it is gone. Either way, the word 'dad' is pretty potent. Present or absent, positive or negative, the power of the father is incredible."

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