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Celebrated Frauds

So, your mom's got a Betty Crocker cookbook. So do 55 million others. But did you know Betty never existed? The people at Gold Medal flour invented Betty during a contest promotion, and she's been "alive and well" ever since--for 70 years.

Betty's not the only celebrated culinary fraud. Can you spot the other phony in the following list?

a) Duncan Hines

b) Chef Boyardee

c) Aunt Jemima

d) Uncle Ben

e) Colonel Sanders

Answer: c--That smiling face is the product of someone's imagination. Aunt Jemima came on the scene in the late 1800s, dreamed up by the owner of a flour mill.

If you're wondering about the others: a) Mr. Hines, a restaurant reviewer in the 1930s, never baked a cake professionally; b) Actually, his name was Hector Boiardi, a Cleveland restaurant owner in the 1930s; d) This Texas farmer had a reputation for producing terrific rice; e) Harland Sanders got his start by serving fried chicken from a Kentucky service station.

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