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Don't Take God for Granted

The burden that I want to bring to you this morning is this: God is an important person, and he does not like being taken for granted.

Suppose you ask a man, a president of a company, "Who, under God, is the most important person in your life?"

He says, "I guess it would be my vice-president for marketing."

You say, "What about your wife?"

He says, "Oh, of course, I just assumed that. I just take that for granted. It goes without saying."

A few people would assume that his abounding love and respect for his wife caused him to forget her. Most of us probably would assume that the reason she didn't come to mind is because she's not uppermost in his affections.

The wife wouldn't say, "I am so honored that I'm like the air he breathes. He never gives me a thought."

There is in most people's minds no direct correlation between taking something for granted and showing its value as a treasure. We can be certain the wife would say, "If I don't come to your mind when you're asked about your life's priorities, then it's because I'm not important to you. And if you think that I am honored by being taken for granted, you're wrong!"

It's possible to take important things like oxygen for granted. If you're taken for granted, you might feel indispensable. But not treasured or honored.

God is an important person; he does not like being taken for granted .

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