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What Men and Women Talk About

Men and women don't necessarily want to discuss the same subjects, according to a recent poll of 1,000 adults by Bruskin Associates.

The leading discussion subject for men was news events (talked about in the previous week by 71 percent of respondents), followed by work (68 percent).

Women, on the other hand, talked about food (76 percent) and health (72 percent).

Men were far more likely to have talked about sports (65 percent to women's 42 percent); women were more likely to have discussed personal problems (52 percent to men's 40 percent).

But many subjects--television, money, and celebrities, for example --were discussed about the same amount by either sex. And neither men nor women talked much about sex (men: 2 percent; women: 0.8 percent) or clothes (men: 0.2 percent; women: 1.8 percent).

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