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Beginning to Lose God

Listen to a secular thinker Peggy Noonan, one of the brightest journalistic minds around. She says this in an article entitled "You'd Cry Too If It Happened To You." It came in Forbes magazine, September 14, 1992, in which 11 men and women were asked to answer the question "Why are we so unhappy?" They all agreed we were unhappy because we had lost our moral and spiritual center. Listen to what Peggy Noonan says:

"[Poet W. H.] Auden called his era 'the age of anxiety.' I think what was at the heart of the dread in those days [just a few years into modern times] was that we could tell we were beginning to lose God--banishing him from the scene and from our own consciousness, losing the assumption that he was part of the daily drama or its maker. It is a terrible thing when people lose God. Life is difficult, and people are afraid, and to be without God is to lose man's greatest source of consolation and coherence ..."

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