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Preaching on Father's Day

Jim Burgen and Brian Tome help us better reach and challenge men in our sermons.

Steve Carter chats with Brian Tome (pastor of Crossroads Church) and Jim Burgen (pastor of Flatirons Community Church) about preaching on Father’s Day and how to reach men in our preaching.

For men the biggest epidemic, long before COVID, is loneliness. Men are making it up as they go because they have no one to lean on or to learn from. This leads to the feeling of failure in men, that is often then buried inside because they don’t want to let anyone know they are failing.

Many men today have given up on a grander vision for their life and have settled for something else/less. In our sermons, we need to remind men of what could be in Christ. So, let’s be fearless in our challenge and vision for men, but combined with empathy. Remind men that that they are fathered by God and that their job is never done.

A few quick facts on men from Brian:

  • 4x more likely to die by suicide
  • 3x more likely to have mental health issues
  • 2x more likely to have an alcohol related issue

Resources Mentioned in the Video

Crossroads Church

Flatirons Community Church

Man Camp

5 Marks of a Man, by Brian Tome

No More Dragons, by Jim Burgen

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