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The Prophetic Hope for a Messiah

Gary Burge discussed the OT prophecies that were leading up to the birth of Christ and the expectancy that a Messiah was coming.

Steve Carter, editor for Preaching Today, and Gary Burge, New Testament scholar, help us understand the feeling of prophetic expectancy for a Messiah.

The Jews understood that even during Roman occupation and oppresion there was this expecation that God would step in and resuce them. The best way to illustrate this expecation is from their history with Moses and Egypt, and why Moses is then seen as the template figure for the Messiah.

Gary also gives us some of the central OT prophecies to use in our Christmas sermons. As well as an interesting take on the role suffering and oppression plays in the expecation for a Messiah.

Then stay tuned to the second half of the video where three pastors—Alison Gerber, Lee Eclov, and Joel Thomas—discuss how to apply Gary’s revelations to our Christmas sermons.

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