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Editor's note: As preachers develop their signature method of sermon preparation over the years, they often enhance their process by "cherry picking" from the sermon prep schedules and checklists of others. When someone preaches in a way that consistently intrigues and speaks to us, and we wonder how they do it, the answer may well be found in those schedules and checklists. Are there any key questions you normally answer, or paths of thought you typically take, as you study a text and write the sermon?

Steve Mathewson: I've been mentored by Haddon Robinson, so I am big on asking two questions to determine the main idea. The first is, what is this passage talking about? The second is, what is this passage saying about what it is talking about? These questions help me identify what Haddon calls the subject and complement of the main idea.

Sometimes if I'm struggling to identify the big idea, I will also ask, what is the vision of God? That is, what aspect of God's character ...

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Desire Bakala

April 22, 2012  3:57pm

Very interesting and useful article. Thank you Steve

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