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Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace

Why we preach from Psalms

Preaching on a psalm is like trying to give a talk on "America the Beautiful" or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Psalms are meant to be sung—or at least read—again and again, till we know the next line before we read it, till we know their spiritual pitch without a piano introduction, till our ...

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Elizabeth Neh Asaa epouse Babatunde

January 24, 2012  9:13am

I have not in my life time come across such expositions to preaching from the book of Psalms. This is God given insight and wisdom. I will use this approach during my personal time and cooperate studies as given opportunities. Remain open for the Lord to continue to use you . Thank you my brother- and for giving it free- you can't imagine how many will be blessed by this free offer. May He replenish for His glory.

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Elizabeth Neh Asaa epouse Babatunde

January 24, 2012  9:05am

I have not come across such insight into preaching from the book of Psalms before.How God gives insight and wisdom to His own to draw us closer to Himself. I will use this for my personal and cooperate study as i have openings. May the Lord use you more as you avail yourself to Him . Thank you my brother.

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Elizabeth Neh Asaa epouse Babatunde

January 24, 2012  9:01am

I see preaching from the Psalms from a perspective never known to me before. How God gives insight and wisdom to His own to draw men closer to Himself. I have been enriched and will implement it personally and cooperatively as opportunities arise. Thanks my brother. May the Lord use you more as you avail yourself

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June 13, 2011  6:01pm

Wonderful insight on the preaching potential in the Book of Psalms.! By definition, the Psalms were meant to be sung. Unlike in English and many western languages, poetry in Hebrew, and in many Eastern languages is usually sung, rather than merely recited. As expressions of praise to God, there is nothing to beat the Psalms. The Psalms also set a scriptural precedent to the content of the hymns we sing as we worship the Triune God. As preachers and music leaders in the church, we need to help reflect that pattern in the choices we make. Sincerely. Yours in the Master's service, Chris Ederesinghe

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February 09, 2011  9:27am

This article has 'interupted' my life - and I thank God for it! The Psalms have suddenly become alive again, and God has used you to awaken my sleepy soul. My heart's cry is that He might tune MY heart to sing His praise, so that I, in turn, may be used as an instrument to help tune the hearts of others. Thank you, my brother! And thank you again.

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