Develop Healthy Habits before You Preach.

As a preacher and a professor of homiletics I'm slowly learning to discard the superhero, messiah complex that leads to stress and burn-out in ministry. I've developed a simple acronym—S.H.E.D., which stands for Sleep, Hobbies, Exercise, and Devotions.

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Charlie Lyons

March 31, 2014  9:25pm

A great reminder. Similar to the above comment, knowing these already but being reminded is so good. Thanks so much!!

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March 31, 2014  10:21am

Remembering what we already know is sometimes tough. Thanks for the reminder. Much needed. Invaluable.

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Tim Sheets

March 28, 2014  9:16am

Great and very helpful article! I appreciate the practical advice at the end. Sleep is where I struggle the most. I'm feeling a leading to really change my habits here, but have found it difficult as I tend to have the habits of a night owl.

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