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How to Present a Good Read of the Good Book

There still is tremendous power in a person publicly reading the Bible well.

" Devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, " (1 Timothy 4:13).

As a long-time church planter, Paul knew the essentials for the growth of the body, and he urged young Timothy to concentrate on those things. Public reading of Scripture is one of the essentials. In the first-century, public reading ...

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Steven Spencer

September 19, 2008  8:29pm

I do believe that one of the greatest weaknesses of most preachers is that we read the Word of God poorly. Becoming so familiar with the text that you can read it thoughtfully, and with proper emotion and, if needed--drama, will allow the reading of God's Word to go forth in its own inherent power. I know that I have come under the conviction of the Spirit when the Word has been read prayerfully, thoughtfully, and carefully.

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