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The Big Idea: Marry biblical truth and passionate delivery

Make a commitment to exegete the biblical text and to deliver it with freshness and passion. Based on your knowledge of preaching in the church today, what are two or three big ideas that you'd like to share with our community of preachers?

Hershael York: A couple of things come to my mind. First, I'm passionate about an approach to preaching that marries solid exegesis with ...

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Jason Whalley

July 24, 2013  11:56am

True. It is important to know what you are talking about when preaching the Word of the LORD. I think it's just as important to put some feeling into your sermons. They don't need to be filled with screaming and other theatrics - in fact, preachers who go too heavy on the theatrics end up being obvious about their showmanship and just leave me feeling patronized and disgusted - but it is vital to say it like you mean it, actually mean it, and feel it. When it comes to sin, Dr. York speaks truly when he says we are all guilty of sin, and that in order to grow spiritually we need to first recognize our sin as the sin that it is. Don't be afraid to get out from behind the podium once in a while, and don't be afraid to look people in the eye when you speak. Mean it, feel it, then say it.

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Sugrim Ramesar

May 04, 2013  7:33pm

I deeply appreciate the timely reminders of what preaching should really be . I hold the view that Dr.York's book on preaching is a must-read for everyone who wants to communicate God's life-giving truth to a desperately needy world.

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Charles e Whisnant

May 03, 2013  10:19am

The balance between delivery and keeping the text. People get caught up in the delivery more than the text. So our approach as you say is necessary to be able to have people listen to the Word and not necessary our voice.

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