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The Big Idea: Let's Get Back to the Text

Before you rush to application, get the A(a)uthor's meaning of the text right. As you think about your life as a preacher and a professor of homiletics, what are you passionate about these days?

Dr. Jeff Arthurs: First and foremost, I'm passionate about preaching the biblical text, about preaching sermons that are tied closely to a specific Bible passage. ...

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Jason Whalley

July 24, 2013  10:35am

My wife and I have met pastors who plagiarize sermons, and after a while it's easy to see that the pastor is not preaching from the heart. My mother-in-law has the misfortune of buying various pre-recorded sermon series CD's, and preaching those virtually word for word. When a pastor is doing that, I think it's time for that pastor to step down for a while and spend time in prayer and work on his own relationship with the LORD. Otherwise, the church may as well just put one of the CD's in a player and let the congregation listen to that.

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May 06, 2013  10:10am

What would preaching look like if we took the N.T. example? Most sermons are delivered outdoors, to unbelievers.

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April 30, 2013  2:25am

Well what's a writing without a little jolt of confrontation!?? After I read this? I almost cried!

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James Nite

April 15, 2013  10:29am

Helpful. I'm looking forward to the series.

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Billy Johnson

April 15, 2013  9:50am

Very good insight and challenge. Nothing replaces time spent in meditation and prayer in preparing a sermon.

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