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The Big Idea: Exegete Your Culture and the Text

How Preachers can Exegete Their Culture: An Interview with Dr. Matthew Kim

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Matthew D. Kim is assistant professor of preaching and ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a past president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society. He is currently writing a book tentatively entitled Preaching with Cultural Intelligence forthcoming with Baker Academic. I sat down with him to discuss the concept of "cultural exegesis." Let's begin with a definition. What is cultural exegesis?

Matthew Kim: John Stott wrote a landmark book three decades ago called Between Two Worlds. He presented a homiletical paradigm encouraging preachers to become "bridge-builders." By this, he meant that preachers should bridge the gap between the ancient world, where the Bible was written, and the world today. For many listeners, the Bible seems foreign, having little to do with their everyday lives.

Cultural exegesis is an extension of that. It's a rigorous study of the lives and cultures of our listeners. Just as we exegete or draw ...

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Jacob Ugljesa

December 01, 2015  6:55am

I heard it said, If you listen to them in the home, they will listen to you in the pulpit. That makes a lot of sense if we are culturally exegeting the Bible to people. It makes it real and really gives people a desire to study the Bible for themselves.

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