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Application Without Moralism

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Faith is confidence that I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. My identity is that of a child of God. I have that privilege now. I am a fundamentally different creature. By faith I apprehend that knowledge that I don't have to listen to the lie of Satan that says I can't change.

The message of Scripture, by faith received, is that you can change. God has provided the means. It's teaching people that they are new creatures in Christ Jesus; by virtue of their union with him they have power to do what God requires.

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Bryan Chapell is president of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, where he also serves as professor of practical theology.

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Dick Braun

May 16, 2011  9:43am

Please put a print option on the site that allows the whole document to be printed at one time rather than in multiple sections.

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