preaching skill

Preaching: Behind the Scenes

A look into the sermon preparation of Jeremy McKeen and Paul Copan.

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The Problem

Fallen Condition Focus (What is the sin issue[s] that needs repenting of?)

Fragile Condition Focus (How have I been sinned against in this area?)

Faltering Condition Focus (How are we prone to wander?)

Finite Condition Focus (What limits in our humanity are exposed here?)

The Hero

Where is Jesus? (How can I connect people's minds and hearts to Jesus?)

Faith in God (What do we need to believe is true about God?)

The Examples / Illustrations

How can I be fresh or more expansive in my examples & illustrations?

What examples and illustrations am I going to use?

How can I better develop and apply these specifically?

Importance (So what?) & Application (Now What?)

Personal (Where do I need to be carefully vulnerable? Share my own testimony?)

Don't be Simplistic (Where do I need to say "but don't get me wrong?")

The Church and Culture

What do I say to the Hard-hearted Person? (addressing the proud)

What do I say to the Soft-hearted Person? (addressing the discouraged)

How can I share the mission and vision of our church?

What "Christianese" terms need explanation?

What cultural norms or misunderstandings do I need to address?

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Jeremy McKeen is the founding and Lead Pastor of Truth Point Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Paul Copan is the Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He is the author of Is God a Moral Monster? and (with Matthew Flannagan) Did God Really Command Genocide?

Jeremy McKeen and Paul Copan:

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