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Should a Pastor Get a DMin?

Four questions to ask yourself in your pursuit of a graduate degree.

Should a Pastor Get a DMin?

As a pastor and a Bible college professor, I often get asked how young pastors and church leaders can continue their education. Whether these leaders are considering finishing their undergraduate degree, starting a Master of Divinity, or thinking about doctoral work, it's an enormous decision with many consequences (both good and bad). I've found that it's most helpful to frame my guidance by asking four diagnostic questions.

What's your story?

I was saved at 18 years old just after graduating from High School while attending a YoungLife camp in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. I was committed to play baseball at a community college in central Washington for my first two years of college. These two years proved to be very difficult for a brand new Christian. I was moving three hours away from home only weeks after a major life change to a place where I had no Christian friends. After about 18 months of general studies, baseball, and a struggle for Christian community, I received ...

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chris williams

February 16, 2016  4:52pm

Good article, but I would have liked to see more commentary on the financial impact an education brings. As ministers, we do not follow a highly lucrative path and because of this I believe it foolish to get into high amounts of debt for a degree that sharpens our skills. There are other ways to sharpen skills like regional or local seminars in your denomination. There is an online world that can be tapped into for more education. Just because you do not get a degree, doesn't mean it is not a good continuing education. I would say that if finances are an issue, then a big indication that God wants you to get an advanced degree is that he provides the resources to do so leaving you with little to no debt.

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Jerome Jacaboba Amoah

February 16, 2016  3:28am

Great encouragement! We need men and women in our generation who would desire to acquire knowledge and skill for the betterment of our service in the Lord's vineyard. May God grants us the grace to stay humbled and obedient to His leading. I'm blessed and challenged!

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A. Gómez

February 15, 2016  11:17am

In Hispanics circles the subject of graduate level education is not discuss openly. In fact, to certain extend is discourage. In the other hand, there is a new movement for academic excellence that is increasing among Latinos. I hold a Masters in Ministerial Leadership and want to pursuit an MDiv with my eyes fix in a DMin. The biggest challenge that I am encountering is funding. I pastored a small Hispanic church and without the church intention force to be bivocational. Hence, I wrestle with idea of finding the time. Great Article.

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February 15, 2016  10:22am

5 Star article! What's else is there to say. I am finishing my D-Min., at Gordon-Conwell where I earned my MDiv. This article is spot on.

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