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Preaching on Vocation

Our work is one of the main ways to participate in the mission of Jesus.

Preaching on Vocation

The longer I preach, the more I realize that in the fight for the kingdom of God, my arch nemesis isn't liberalism, conservatism, secularism, pluralism, or any of the isms at all—it's irrelevance. So many of the burning, acute issues of our day and age simply don't get talked about in church. At all. Tom Nelson wisely said, "In the church, we often spend the majority of our time teaching people how to live the minority of their lives."

He's so right. Think about it. After we're done teaching on a Sunday, most of our people will spend well over forty hours at their job. That's not even counting all the work they don't get paid for: parenting, cleaning the kitchen, yard work, exercise, social justice, and serving at the church …

Work consumes the lion's share of our lives. So why don't we talk about it more often in the church? We need to talk about it. The question is: How?

Work and discipleship

Well our teaching on work has to grow ...

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Chris Jones

September 07, 2015  1:17pm

Love the premiss of this article and agree we need to help followers understand how to live like Christ in their daily lives, but the article fell short on specifics. It seemed to suggest a great thesis and then left you hanging.

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September 06, 2015  11:06pm

How can you teach on vocation with only words? How can you be relevant while removing yourself from it's practice? If all marketplace vocations are doing the work of God, how does removing yourself from it devote yourself to God in "full time"? Are you familiar with Paul's amazing instruction on the combining of marketplace work and ministry leadership? You won't find any help on this in any commentary. I found it so very determinative. There is a way to do all of church as instructed without removing yourself from the marketplace.

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