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The Danger of Preaching without Jesus

We need to give Jesus direct access to every aspect of our lives and our leadership.

The Danger of Preaching without Jesus

To preach and teach in the name of Jesus is one of the greatest privileges in the world. What makes it particularly dangerous, however, is how easy it is to preach for Jesus without Jesus.

I know this only too well. I was in my early years as a Christian when I first came to grips with the sad truth that God appeared to use prominent Christian leaders whose relationship with Jesus was either nonexistent or seriously underdeveloped. It was a discovery that left me confused and disoriented. Yet, after decades in ministry, I am no longer so confused. Why? Because I have experienced to some degree what it's like to be one of those leaders. I have prepared and preached sermons without thinking about or spending time with Jesus. I know the experience of doing good things that helped a lot of people while being too busy in my own whirlwind of leadership worries to be intimately connected to Jesus.

It is possible to preach by relying only on our gifts, talents, and experience. We can boldly ...

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Susan Lee

January 27, 2016  11:34pm

Thank you Peter! A wonderful reminder! Very well written! Keeping a copy of your writing. Noted some good points on a paper - pasted on the wall at my desk. My resolution to cultivate "loving union" with Christ! Rev Sue Lee

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December 31, 2015  10:27am

Telling more of the truth in love.

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Wayne Pennington

October 07, 2015  8:20am

Amen and Amen.

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Jean Philippe

October 06, 2015  6:34pm

We have gotten so used to Jesus, we have gotten so used to church activities that we have missed what God is after- and God is after an intimate relationship with his childrens. Turning back to God is a response to what He is after.

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L Stacy Cowan

October 06, 2015  9:22am

Thanks Peter This has been a timely message for me. I've just resigned my church this past week. Your message is an added confirmation of what I have been wrestling with for years. That is maintaining intimacy with God in the midst of doing ministry. Reading this message from you will serve as a catalyst in my new growth as l prepare for returning to the pulpit again.

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