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Reviewing Game Film: How to Evaluate Your Sermon

Use this simple Sermon Evaluation Form and a preaching "coach" to help you evaluate your preaching.

A few years back my friend was having supper across from Jim Caldwell, then head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. During the course of conversation, he asked Caldwell, "How do you coach someone like Peyton Manning? He's such a rare talent." The coach asserted that it wasn't talent ...

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Iona Mikaele

January 18, 2014  7:20am

Very insightful, definitely a great tool Thank you

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Charlie Lyons

January 06, 2014  1:56pm

Looks like a great tool... I'll put it to good use! Thank you so much.

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Marshall Shelley

January 06, 2014  12:05pm

Yes! This is a very helpful tool. I'll put it to use.

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Richard bersett

January 06, 2014  9:24am

Good, practical help. Thanks

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Peter Pendell

January 06, 2014  9:16am

Great article and evaluation form! I'll make use of this.

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