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Preaching to Your People's Vocations

'How will our idea of work impact the life of a church?' An interview with Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson pastors Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas. editor Matt Woodley talked with Tom about preaching's relationship with a Christian theology of work. Why the passion for preaching on faith and work?

Tom Nelson: My current passion has come out of my ...

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October 02, 2013  5:14pm

Tom, I'm starting to hear more and more of this from different 'forward thinkers' in the faith and I'm delighted to be hearing it. Unfortunately, my own church (institution) cares absolutely nothing for what I do Monday to Sunday, only what 'ministry' I can serve in on Sunday and whether I'm occupying a seat in the sanctuary at 10:45 am. It's a very sad state of affairs there ... but because there are people like you, there is hope! Thank you for thinking this through and listening to God around this concept.

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