The Preacher's Dialogue

Son of man, can these bones live again? How does one answer that kind of question?

The Preacher's Dialogue
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Jim Isaacson

April 14, 2015  6:25pm

What a perpetually timely theme for most pastors. Particularly timely in a smaller church when it seems like people have become deathly comfortable with routines and religion and status quo. Well stated is the conflict between the doubt of the pastor and the infinite ability of God. To such a situation these are truly words of life and hope. One more reason to keep speaking the word of truth. Thanks.

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thomas cohoon

April 14, 2015  12:34pm

Words I needed to hear. Human words and human efforts are futile on their own accord. But the word of God and faith in Him are powerful. Let God's words and His will flow through you like a vessel and truly live.

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February 21, 2013  4:52am

This excellent and highly inspirational.

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Lolita Hickman

February 19, 2013  8:31am

Amen! Thanks so much for this article. As always, Dr. Gardner speaks to the heart of the preacher, the heart of the matter from the very heart of God. I must preach and pastor until God says "Well done!" Then and only then will I receive the crown of life. Thanks for the reminder!

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Rev. Lee T. Boddie Sr.

February 18, 2013  5:28pm

Awe inspiring! Just what I needed to hear in this season of Pastoring/Preaching. Just when I was doubting that the Word of God I preach on Sunday was not being heard or obeyed. My calling is to speak the truth of the Word! If you are called to preach, you can never stop preaching. I've tried and I never had peace. I praise God for you Dr. Taylor and Preaching Today for your help. Lord knows I needed it.

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