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A Cautionary Tale from Michael Jackson's Father

Do you preach for the feet or the heart?

Michael Jackson's rise to fame is the stuff of legend. He began in the small town of Gary, Indiana. His father, Joseph Jackson, saw the giftedness in Michael and his brothers at an early age and was obsessed with turning them into the greatest singing and dancing group of all time.

His obsession with ...

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edison matienga

April 04, 2013  2:20am

thats superb

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Francois Deschamps

November 19, 2012  11:09am

Yes, a superb "mise en garde!!!! Thanks!

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paul gualtieri

November 17, 2012  12:58pm

This is a great thought but you never finished the thought.Like you aid there is a place for being holy but people need to know why they need to be holy and that their pastor loves them. God chastises those he loves,So as Pastors they need to know that we care for their soul

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