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Preaching the Gospel from the Law of Moses

Recently I introduced a sermon series on the Ten Commandments by showing my listeners several depictions of the Ten Commandments and asking them if they could spot the same major problem with each depiction. First, I showed them a Sunday school sketch of a stone tablet with curved tops and Roman numerals. Then we viewed a photo of Judge Roy Moore standing beside the infamous monument of the Ten Commandments that he refused to remove from the Alabama Supreme Court chamber. We even looked at the tablets carried by Charlton Heston in the classic movie "The Ten Commandments."

Each of the depictions we viewed got something wrong. No, it was not the Roman numerals. There were, of course, no Roman numerals. Nor, I argued, was it the curved tops, which started appearing in artistic renditions of the Ten Commandments by Christians a millennium or so after Christ. What's more, we are certain the Ten Commandments were not spread over two tablets. Each of the two tablets likely contained a complete ...

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Edward Bromley II

February 23, 2011  10:41am

Great article. It really helped sharpen my thinking about the Law's role in the Christian life.

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