A Definition of Biblical Preaching

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I intend to supply a definition of biblical exposition and to present a case for it. It seems to me that these two tasks belong together in that the case for biblical exposition is to be found in its definition. Here then is the definition: To expound Scripture is to open up the inspired text with such faithfulness and sensitivity that God's voice is heard and his people obey him.

Now let me draw out the implications of this definition in such a way as to present a case for biblical exposition. The definition contains six implications, two convictions about the biblical text, two obligations in expounding it, and two expectations as a result.

Two convictions about the biblical text

(1) It is an inspired text. To expound Scripture is to open up the inspired text. Revelation and inspiration belong together. Revelation describes the initiative that God has taken to unveil himself and so to disclose himself, since without this revelation he would always remain the unknown God. Inspiration describes ...

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Ban Leong Chan

April 26, 2011  1:02am

Excellent. Worthy words from a faithful and sincere servant of God.

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Chris Bennett

April 25, 2011  11:34am

Brilliant words from one of great expositors of our time.

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Douglas Bradley

August 08, 2008  5:02am

I first heard the audio of this presentation and followed up by reading this article. Excellent concepts that provide a frame work for sermon development.

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