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The Meaning of 'Metanoia'

With God, there is always something new to learn.


Today is a good day. I am beyond excited and honored to be preaching the Word of God this morning. This is one of my greatest passions in life, and although I've preached many times before, there's nothing quite as special as preaching in your own home church—with your family. This is the place where God has called me to serve, and I love it. I love being here in the United States. I love learning from you and your culture. That's obviously not to say that I don't go through challenges—because I do, even here at church. We have a certain pastor who insists that Taco Bell is legit Mexican food, and I don't know what to do with that. It's a real struggle, people.

I'm just kidding—well, not really—but I do experience more difficult cultural clashes that, many times, challenge me at my core. They challenge my identity and even my faith at times, because believe it or not, every country has very particular expectations of what Christianity should look like: of what a Christian person should look like or dress like or speak like, of what a Christian guy should do, what a Christian woman should do. I've learned to realize that every time I face those challenges, God opens a door for me. He taps on my shoulder and says, "Hey, don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Don't look at it from your own perspective. Come to me; bring me into the picture, and I will show you what to do."

That's what I want to talk to you about today: that wonderful yet painful process of being constantly challenged and transformed by the power of God.

Reconciling 'repentance'

(Read Luke 13:1-9)

Let's take a step back and remember that in this passage, Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and he is teaching as he travels—that's ...

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Gaby Viesca was born and raised in Mexico and currently serves as Women’s Pastor in Portland, OR.

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I. Reconciling 'repentance'

II. The doorway to the Gospel

III. Revisiting our traditions