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Growing Together

Live in a way that grows Christ's kingdom.

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Today, we're going to continue with our series called "Forever Luke." I know that for some of you, it feels like we've been in Luke forever, and we have—but I want to tell you how amazing that is. I think it's really great that we've been taking the time to go deep into Scripture and to do that together as a community, because that is powerful. Most of us, when we come to church every Sunday morning, show up and hope to hear a word that is going to bless us. Or we hope to hear some kind of teaching that's going to give us hope. Or we hope that whatever the pastor says is going to speak into my problem. And there's nothing wrong with that. We are to come here and ask for those things from God.

But usually what happens is that when we embrace that blessing, when we embrace that word or that teaching, our journey ends there. We just keep it to ourselves, and we forget that part of our journey of growing in the Word as part of our community is that whatever blessing we get is meant to bless someone else. Before we open our Bibles today, I want to ask you to open your hearts first, so that we can allow God to go deep into our hearts and teach us something new, something fresh about what it means to grow in community.

Our passage today is Luke 17:1-6, and it's a bit of a random message. Jesus has given us a lot of teaching. What we're going to do is read the whole thing first, and then we're going to break it down and highlight three disciplines, three attitudes, that Jesus is inviting us to embrace and to share with others around our communities.

Bridges, not walls

(Read Luke 17:1-6)

There's a lot going on in this passage, but the first thing we need to know is that Jesus begins this passage addressing the disciples. ...

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