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Empowered to Work

The power of the Holy Spirit permeates our entire life--even our daily job.

Editor's note: for needed context be sure to see Kim's first sermon on this topic, "Loving Our Work," available here.


Today I want to ask a question: How are we empowered for this work? How should we as Christians approach this work that God has given to us? If God, indeed, cares about the work that we are all engaging in, how does the gospel address how we go about doing this work?

I want to start by talking about a theologian by the name of Rudolf Bultmann. He was an influential theologian in the nineteenth century and he began a certain theological program called "demythologizing" the text. This perspective resulted from the Enlightenment, when people began to have a more scientific understanding of the world. People no longer saw the world as being riddled with spirits, and they began to see the science behind the natural world we live in. As modern people they began to look at the Bible and say, "Look, in light of recent or more recent Enlightenment thinking and our understanding of the world we really can't take seriously all these miracles. People just don't rise from the dead. People don't walk on water. You don't turn loaves and fish into feeding thousands of people."

So Bultmann began to say, "Well, it's not really that these things happened historically." He was creating a rift between matters of faith and matters of history. So that we can say, yes, in fact Jesus he appeared to walk on water to communicate in our hearts the divinity of Christ. But we know historically he was probably walking on the shore and it just looked like he was walking on the water. Bultmann was just trying to reconcile our modern understanding ...

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David H. Kim is the Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work and the Pastor of Faith and Work for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York

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I. The reality of the Spirit

II. The Spirit leads us to death

III. The Spirit raises us in power

IV. The Spirit strengthens us in community