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Changed People, Changing Lives

You have to be changed if you want to change others.


Read Acts 5:12, 17, 19, 21, 29-31

The holy city of Jerusalem has had a wonderful event. They had tried their best to say no to what Jesus Christ had done, and so he has been crucified, has died, and has been buried. But death had no power. Death stopped being death before Jesus Christ. When Christ died, he killed the pain of death and death had no power on him. He came to earth to bring life and give it freely, unconditionally. When you go through the pages of the New Testament, you see he deliberately goes to Jerusalem to die.

So, he was crucified. "A man of sorrows," as Isaiah in his prophecies said. If you read Isaiah 53, you'd come away with awe and wonder. "A man of sorrows," had been prophesied 600-700 years before coming: a man of love, gentleness, and passionate. If you look to his ministry, to his teaching, you'd look into the iris of humanity and see into the subconscious of their needs.

When the eye doctor looks through our eyes, he'll see the iris—the iris is like the window of the subconscious. If you want to charge me guilty, you look to my iris, because you can see the transparency of the inside of the psyche, of the spirit, of the human being. And when Jesus looked into their eyes, he knew how desperate they were. They'd longed for somebody to come and bring them nearer to God. And so Jesus Christ took those three offices of the ministry: as a prophet, as a priest, as a king, and he dies. He dies in that wonderful city: by entering Jerusalem, by submitting himself, and exiting crucifixion. He never resisted.

Those of you who are lawyers by profession would look to this context with tears. The case was sentenced in an odd hour: it had been brought and dealt with as the activity for the whole ...

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Bishop Alpha Mohammed, a converted Christian, led the Diocese of the Rift Valley (part of the Anglican Church of Tanzania) and was known for his evangelism through many church and diocesan plants.

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I. Obey God

II. Changed people

III. Changed people changing lives