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Yet Will I Praise Thee


Have you ever asked God questions and felt you haven't received a good answer? I heard about a little boy once who said to his father, "How many people in the world, Dad?" He said, "I don't know Son." He said, "How many stars in the sky?" He said, "I don't know, Son." "How many fish in the sea?" "Don't know, Son." "Dad, you don't mind me asking you all these questions, do you?" "No, Son. How are you going to learn if you don't ask questions?"

Maybe you've been that sort of parent. But have you ever asked God question after question and sort of got a shrug of the shoulders from heaven? You're not getting anything back. Habakkuk was a man who is introduced to us with a lot of questions. And we get the idea that he's not getting the answers. Eventually he got an answer that he didn't expect and that he particularly didn't want.

Habakkuk's name means "to embrace," and I want to talk about embracing things we don't want to embrace or accepting things we cannot change. There's a fine line to walk there, because we don't want to accept things we can or should change, but I don't hear too many people addressing the human dilemma of accepting something you cannot change. And that's Habakkuk's story.

I also believe that's where an awful lot of people are that we minister to in our churches. They live in a place where they have to be a Habakkuk, to embrace a situation that is far from ideal—to live in a marriage that is less than perfect and to exist in an environment that needs an awful lot of help. How to embrace that—that's the thing I want to talk about.

Our circumstances can cause us to question God's presence in our lives

He begins by asking a lot of questions. For example, Is God there? "How long, Lord, must ...

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Jill Briscoe is executive editor of Just Between Us, serves on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today International, and is a minister-at-large with her husband at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin.

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I. Our circumstances can cause us to question God's presence in our lives

II. We must trust God until we can see things from his perspective

III. When we can't escape our circumstances we must trust God's ultimate plan