To Obey Is Better than Food

Only Christ can help you believe that only he can satisfy your deepest needs.

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I. Adam and Eve's test—disobedience

II. Israel's test—disobedience

III. Jesus' test—perfect obedience

IV. Two weapons for your tests


Juan Sanchez is the Preaching Pastor for High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas.

Juan Sanchez:
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Bernard Wilson

December 16, 2013  1:15pm

Well done Juan. So very proud of you and your ministry

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Marshall Shelley

November 26, 2012  5:11pm

Or, click on "Read Full Transcript" right above the Download box.

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Marshall Shelley

November 26, 2012  5:10pm

Gerald: just click on "Download now" next to PDF Transcript, or Audio, whichever way you want to get the sermon.

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gerald Sykes

November 20, 2012  10:10pm

How do you get the whole sermon

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November 19, 2012  11:18am

This is a powerful, encouraging, biblical sermon by Pastor Sanchez!

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