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The Great Gratitude Experiment

In and through Christ, our hearts can sing with radical gratitude and blessing.

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I. Gratitude flows from God's presence.

II. Gratitude grows in humility.

III. Gratitude leads to a life of blessing.

IV. Gratitude arises in imperfection.


John Ortberg is pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California.

John Ortberg:

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Dan Stanley

November 10, 2016  12:26pm

Great perspective on the source of gratitude. Good job brother!

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peter ordeanu

November 27, 2013  3:31pm

excelent sermon, practical and gave me a better understanding of the prayers in the bible BLESSED BE THE LORD for this message and his author

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Terry Farmer

November 13, 2012  10:26am

wonderful message and what a gift life really is, thank you Pastor Ortberg

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