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John Piper


I Am the Light of the World

Jesus is the saving, redeeming, and creation-filling light of the world.

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I. A detour that's not a detour

II. The focus: Jesus' relationship with the Father

III. The big picture and a life-changing verse

IV. When we follow him, we have him

V. The light of the world

VI. Jesus' offer of light for tsunamis, earthquakes, suffering, and death

VII. Then comes the detour

VIII. Seeing, they did not see

IX. What it means to be "the light of the world"

X. When his hour comes—and not before

XI. He warns them with hell but offers hope


John Piper is pastor for preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, radio speaker for "Desiring God," and author of Desiring God (Multnomah).

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