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When God Came to the BBC

The real story of the incarnation will blow your mind—and set you free.

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I. The story of God became man

II. The implications of God became man

a. God knows by experience what we experience.
b. We can become one with him.


Ken Langley is pastor of Christ Community Church in Zion, Illinois.

Ken Langley:

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Eileen Lindeman

December 26, 2012  5:56pm

I like the use of the phrase/title.It is intriguing to the one who is listening.The comments about theosis or divinization seemed narrow however,Thomas Aquinas hardly seems new age and to call early century Christians,Orthodox, and Roman Catholics Eastern Religions seems a stretch. Play-dough illustration is useful and I enjoyed the sermon.Thanks

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Stephen Stollings

December 24, 2012  9:12pm

A compeling sermon! You feel the pressure of the world, and conclude with the comfort and hope that Jesus brought to earth.

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