Getting Out

The Good News of Jesus, like the Exodus, enables us to walk into a brand new life.

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I. What do we get out of?

II. How do we get out of bondage?

III. Why is it possible for us to get out of bondage?


Tim Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, New York. He is also the co-founder and vice president of the Gospel Coalition. You can find more sermons by Dr. Keller at

Tim Keller:

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Steve Hanson

April 16, 2016  7:30am

You are very uninformed, Christ died to free all of us from the death penalty of sin. Now we keep God's laws out of our great love for our Father and Jesus Christ His most glorious son. God's laws give a person true freedom, we don't go back to our old ways of life but practice God's way of life by living by the GREAT LAWS of the KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus told us to live lives of repentance, to stop sinning. He doesn't want us to continue in sin but to change into a new person being led by His holy Spirit. We not only don't murder, we put out all thoughts of hatred, we not only do not commit adultery we don't look at others with lustful thoughts, we remember to keep God's Sabbath holy by spending time with Him and building that Father son relationship. When Israel started complaining they took their eyes off the one who saved them from Egypt, Christians need to keep their focus on God and His way of life or they will end up like Israel dead in the wilderness of this world.

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Paul McLaughlin

February 27, 2012  11:48am

Praise God for your words, Tim ... what a fine message & may all who read it be blessed & discover more of the glory of Christ!... & may God bless you too! - Paul McLaughlin / Lincolnshire / England

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Rajendra Malla

October 10, 2011  11:03am

I have blessed through that message.

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Shirish F G Christian

August 09, 2011  1:11am

very encouraging and biblical sermon.

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