Haddon Robinson


A Prescription for the Spiritually Challenged

God calls "spiritually challenged" people to show love through forgiveness.

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I. God's calling to love

II. The reality of hurtful relationships

III. Release past hurts.

IV. Let God handle vengeance.

V. Remember how God forgave you.


Haddon Robinson is Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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Christopher Stefanidis

September 08, 2011  9:45am

simple to understand, not so easy to follow.

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Derek Helt

February 07, 2011  5:40pm

Robinson's material is always top notch. Conversational, relevant, and just a ... "natural" style of development. Not an awkward application, transition, or exegetical point in the whole thing.

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Jim Behrendt

February 04, 2011  1:14pm

This sermon is a wonderful treatment of a passage too often banished to weddings. We need to deal with 1 Cor. 13 more often in the context of the church.

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Dan Catlin

January 31, 2011  10:51am

I first met Dr. Robinson while studying at Gordon Conwell in 1992 as he was first arriving. The sermon he preached at his installation there echoes down the years and still ranks as one of the finest I've ever heard. This is another profound example of his gift. The Biblical texts are clear and foundational, but the thoughts are organized clearly so that you leave the message with clarity about the call to act. Perhaps most of all, the honest humility and sincerity of the illustrations prove that this is a man who is living this Word. Thank you.

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