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It's All in Your Head

Just as we have a kingdom responsibility to manage the material things that God gives us, so we have a kingdom responsibility to manage the immaterial things he gives.

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Whatever problem you have, it's all in your head.

I. Unhindered access to the mind and heart of Christ

II. Moving from cramped thinking to wide open, windswept thinking

III. Four things to do to become stewards of your thoughts


See each day as potentially "the best day of your life."

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Ben Hargrove

May 22, 2017  5:21pm

Easy to follow text with challenging scriptural application. More please!

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LaMont Williams

January 28, 2012  11:23pm

I really enjoyed this sermon. Great work.

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Robert Streeter

March 06, 2011  6:27am

loved it

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