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From Exclusion to Embrace

Jesus wants us to move away from excluding others and toward embracing others.

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There is so much to talk about in Luke 6:37—42, that it's almost overwhelming.

I. Exclusion

We are never to judge, never to condemn, never to exclude, never to see anyone as without value or dignity—even the person we disagree with most.

II. Embrace

We are not just supposed to tolerate people we disagree with. We are called to be a people of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Let us not judge or condemn. Let's instead forgive so we can break the cycles of hate in our world. Let's embrace others—even those we disagree with—with the same love that God has lavished upon us.

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Ray Beard

February 22, 2011  9:09am

I found the words of this sermon extremely helpful. I wish that the majority and the minority that I deal with daily were better acquainted themselves with the messages of Dr. King. People continue to see each other as the enemy, black/white, christian/muslim, even male/female. I guess in Christ's return we find the hope that will make it all right. Thanks. Meanwhile I will continue to do my part even when it conflicts with how the world reacts - retaliative judgement. I don't want the Lord to retaliate against me. I need mercy, not judgement. Who doesn't?

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